Displaying Dealer Program
Arbors the Easy Way

Program Elements

  • Purchase an arbor for display¬†at your location. It is recommended that a 12ft X 12ft overhead coverage size be used. However, we will work with you to accommodate your needs.
  • We also supply metal plates for the bottom of the columns so you don’t have to attach the arbor to your showroom floor. These are supplied at no charge.
  • To assist in recovering the cost of the display, we will deduct $150 from the cost of subsequent arbor orders until you have recovered the total cost of the display including freight.
  • Go online to www.arborsdirect.com; design arbors and price them using our “ArborBUILT” software, apply your discount and quote you client.
  • If your design is out of the ordinary, submit the dimensions and specifications to us by phone, email or fax and we will return a quote within 24 hours.
  • Your company will be listed on our website as a displaying dealer.
  • You will receive priority lead referrals from advertising and trade shows.
  • You are responsible for installation. Typically, most installations take less than a day following our step-by-step instructions that include pictures for each step. Add this to the sales price of the arbor and there is an opportunity to significantly increase your profit.